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Founded in March 2016 by Zia Rahim, inspired by a lifelong interest in Japanese Culture.
Japan Nakama’s purpose came about by a need to connect people who were also fascinated by
Ikebana, Karaoke, Martial Arts, Technology, Anime and all aspects of Japan’s subculture society.
Hosted many Japanese meetups across London and began collaborations for events with other
strongholds in London’s Japanese community.


Created after frustratingly missing out on London’s Japanese Events and news straight out from Japan.
The App allows users to see everything in one place, rather than scouring the internet for activities updates.
Japan Nakama’s App goes a step further to Spotlight unique individuals making a big influence in London’s
Japanese community.

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We’re SUGGOI motivated to connect
you with the Japanese community online.
Helping you find Japanese Services, Events and
meet Nakama that you never knew existed!


Imagine a futuristic world.
Modern Tech & Traditional Japan meets in
a clash of tomorrow’s entertainment – a Neo-Japan.

The newest life-hacking technology to improve your performance in; Sport, Plants & Farming, Dance, Car Technology & More!

If you like Consoles Games, Virtual Reality, Watching Anime, Singing Karaoke, Cosplay or Tokyo style State-of-the-Art technology Neo-Japan is the place to be!


Events that’ll literally open a door from London
straight to Japan. Imagine the backstreets of
Shinjuku on your doorstep, or the elegance of
Cherry Blossom falling in a Spring festival.
Immersive events, that stage the environment
of Japan taking you into realistic otherworld
– from the comfort of London.

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for more information, please email us at info@