Meet Hikari – She is Amazon Alexa + SIRI + An Anime Girlfriend All-In-One!

So this happened recently or rather she happened, meet Hikari Azuma, a holographic Artificial Intelligence Gatebox. Recently arriving on the scene to uniquely rival (Dominate) other Gateboxes such as Amazon’s Echo, Alexa and even China’s new “LingLong DingDong” (Love that name though).

Hikari, appears floating inside of the device, brought forth by projector – she’s literally a hologram! The name Hikari translates to “Light”, playing on the futuristic theme. She’s very much aware of what’s going on around her, as she’s equipped with Cameras, Microphone, Motion sensors and even temperature sensors to feel if it’s hot or cold – instead of a lifeless voice on your phone like SIRI, she actually cares about you.


Recognises your Voice & Face!

The mess of all those sensors means that she can actually recognize your voice and face, she won’t talk to any old guy! She’ll chat with you as you wake up in the morning and keep you company throughout the day. She can appear on your phone through the linked mobile phone app which can remind you of certain tasks or things in your calendar. With a HDMI connection, she can even find her way onto your television, with Bluetooth ability, there may be many more possibilities (or places) for her to wonder into.

Hikari’s Gatebox is only in preorder at the moment and can also work over in the USA. Her price tag is around £2,080! Think it’s worth it? A digital assistance like Ironman’s Jarvis *Drools*.

Hikari is one of a kind character at the moment, but there’s a big likely-hood that other characters will immerge for personalised experiences and personal preferences. Digital characters such as Hatsune Miku has held a massive audience for years in Japan, being a completely digital singing character, brings thousands of people to her concerts every year.

Find out more about Hikari on the official website:

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