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Matcha: The Secret to Japanese Health & Slim Figure! – Our 3 Matcha Drinking Spots in London

Ever felt so in poor health that you had to ask yourself; “What’s the Matcha with me?” See what we did there?
We’re revealing Japan’s health secrets for weight loss and curing ailments – even cancer! #Matcha


Japanese Miracle Health Healing!

The health benefits of Matcha are nothing short of miraculous – when consumed, Matcha promotes a stronger immune system with polyphenols, antioxidants, EGCG, L-theanine which contributes to fighting against a variety of antigens!

Boosting metabolism! – As our lifestyles shape our metabolism (Or how fast we burn energy in our body), we could be prone to weight gain without even changing how much we’re eating. Matcha has the ability to reach inside your body and kick start it up again, utilising all the ‘spare’ energy in your body!

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Matcha? What’s it all about?

Matcha is a bright green coloured tea leaves which have been ground into a fine powder. It’s a natural organic tea, which has been used as a main addition in the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony for over 900 years.

Discovered by Japanese Monks while over in China, they realised the untapped potential and brought it home to Japan where the process of the plant’s cultivation was enhanced.

It also helps to fight against Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease (Keeping cholesterol down), a natural source of energy from its caffeine – without the drop afterwards, Mental Calming and Alertness due to the amino acids present in the leaves – hence why it was favoured by the monks in the attainment of calmness through meditation.

Gastrointestinal health is rectified by a consumption of Matcha! Helping you to ‘pass’ the built up toxins stored in your intestinal track.

If you have a cold, Matcha! It has Vitamins A, B, C, E, K

and a trace amount of Minerals too (They should rename it God Tea). Research shows that Cancer and HIV have also been effected by the consumption of Matcha – Assisting in reducing the risk of growing cancerous cells and protecting the brains of people exposed to HIV in the blood.

The Japanese have kept their health drink in their homes for years and have contributed to healthy living and even anti aging! – Uso Deshou!?

Keeping the blood pressure low, relieving constipation, stimulating good moods and promoting overall wellbeing in the body!

Delicious Combinations of Matcha! Try it around London!

There’s many ways to combine Matcha, in teas, coffees, ice creams, pastries – the list goes on!
You should know by now that us Nakama are major foodies, we’ll share with you 3 of our Matcha Drinking Spots around London!

1. Tombo Cafe & Matcha Bar

We organised a meetup or two at Tombo (Translating to Dragonfly). Tombo is a neat Japanese cafe in Kensington that serves full meals for lunch and dinner too. We intended to just order Matcha related food but ended up with more than we bargained for!

We went all out ordering Matcha Tea, Matcha Latte, Matcha Softserve Iced-Cream and there’s many more other Matcha combinations for you to try!

Visit their Website:

Matcha Tea - Japan Nakama
Tombo Cafe Matcha Japan Nakama
Tombo Matcha

2. Cafe Lagu

A hearting Japanese Cafe/Restaurant over in Battersea. Lagu serves one of most delicious Matcha Latte that our Nakama ever tasted, the real feeling of Japan in a cup.
They’re one of the only places in the UK who have a very high great of Matcha powder, which is probably the biggest contribution to it’s smooth feeling and strong taste.
They serve food too – all organically sourced combinations for the health conscious among us.
Visit their Website:

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3. Shibuya Soho

First of all, props on the great name – Shibuya Soho, probably two areas of London and Japan which are fairly similar (Socially speaking). A great feeling to this place, comfortable and very hip. The combination of options is unbelievable – They have many ranges of Matcha combined dishes, shaved Ice with Azuki and Matcha, Matcha Ice Cream, Matcha Roll Cream Cake, Traditional Matcha Tea – May as well be Shibuya!

No Website. Find them at:
Shibuya Soho, 110 Shaftesbury Ave, London W1D 5EJ

Wayne Daniels

CMO & Partner at Japan Nakama. Entrepreneur, Designer, Japanese Linguistic.

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