5 Irresistible Parties to Meet Japanese People in London – #CultureExchange

So you love Japan. We know that you’d love to know more about the culture, perhaps practice your Japanese, Socialise, Network for Business or just make some good friends. But where to go?

Well, here are 5 London meetup party groups to meet Japanese people.

5. The JLCE – Japanese Language Culture Exchange

They sound official and operate officially, the Japanese Language Culture Exchange or JLCE.
An exclusive group, strictly dedicated to exchanging Japanese and British culture,

You won’t be able to be part of this one unless you’re particularly serious about a culture exchange!
A great place to meet Japanese people, practice your Japanese linguistics and make great friends.

If you like a serious party and social / educational environment – this is the one for you!

Visit their Meetup here:

4. Bunkasai Club

A personal favorite that our Nakama visit often is the Bunkasai Club (Bunka translates to Culture).
The Japanese / British culture exchange club runs from Central London in a quiet bar.

The organizer, Akemi Solloway, a descendant of a Samurai family, always dressed in a Kimono hosts Bunkasai every Wednesday for Free.
The group takes voluntary donations which contributes to Japan related charities.

There’s always someone interesting to talk to here, brings all ages, cultures and backgrounds of people.

Visit their Meetup here:
> http://www.meetup.com/bunkasaiclub

3. Everyday Japanese Conversation

Yes, Everyday! This party of conversationalists isn’t for the meek of heart unless you have a really serious effort to improve your Japanese,
Just £10 will get you a straight 90-minute conversation in Japanese, an opportunity to network with Japanese people and westerners a-like!

This group is quite popular and has over 900 membership, they run their meetups from a artsy locations – usually on the top floor of a building in Tottenham Court road inside a craft shop called Paper Chase.

“Cafe Conversations”, super appealing if you like the two!

Visit their Meetup here:
> www.meetup.com/Japanese-Language-Conversation-London

2. Fly Jam London

Kondo wa party ga honma ya! (This time the party’s for real! – in our best Kansai voice).
Yes, Fly Jam is a mix of Live Music and Japanese / English Language exchange.

This one digs at the creative side of us all! Using music and entertainment to create a
natural atmosphere to kick start conversations, friendships and anything else under the rising sun.

If you’re looking to meet Japanese people when they “have their hair down” this is the place grab a drink and network!

FLYJAM organises the DJ’s and live music to keep you entertained while you do your thing!

Visit their Meetup here:


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1. The London Japanese Language Meetup Group

This is a Par’tay of all Par’tays! (Do people still say Par’tay?). Most Japanese people that we know have been to this event or know someone else who has been!
The London Japanese Language Meetup Group is usually situated in a Central London pub.

The entire floor is Chock-A-Block full of Japanese and Westerners conversing in a mix of English and Japanese! With drinks and music
it creates a natural atmosphere for chatting and meeting new people! We’ve never visited this meetup group without meeting someone
new and interesting!

We know that London is a multicultural environment, but stepping into here is liking transporting yourself to Shibuya… Shinjirarenai!
They’ve organised Karaoke Parties, Picnics in the Park and other creative events!

Visit their Meetup here:
> www.meetup.com/japanese-34

*NEWNakama’s Japanese Language & Culture Exchange Event in London

Like us Nakama, you probably have a natural and unexplainable interest in Japan.
Whether you love Japan’s urban lifestyle, its spiritual nature, its futuristic tech, its intricate fashion or even just a good bowl of ramen, you’ll find others who share your passion. That is Nakama.

We’re inviting all who want to genuinely practice their Japanese language skills, meet Japanese people, meet others who love Japan and want to socialise over a couple of drinks.

> Meetup – Nakama Japanese Language & Conversation (London)
> Meetup – Japan Nakama
> Facebook – Japan Nakama Events


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